3 of the best plants for your bathroom

by Charlene A. Marrero 06/20/2022

Whether you have a couple of houseplants or an expansive home jungle, it's important to know the best choices of plants for your bathroom. Bathrooms typically have high humidity compared to other rooms in the home, which makes them excellent environments for tropical plants. Here are some of the best choices to consider:


Philodendrons are tropical plants perfectly suited to bright, humid bathrooms. Even able to survive in lower light conditions, the trailing varieties of philodendron work well in hanging pots or cascading over the tops of cabinets. The classic green heartleaf philodendron is an easy-care favorite, but the yellow-striped philodendron "brasil" and the velvet-leaved "micans" are also popular choices.


Pothos are popular houseplants because of their ease of care and beautiful foliage. There are many colors and types of pothos, all of which are great candidates for bathroom plants. Try growing one on the bathroom counter or on a high shelf where its vines can hang down. Pothos also make great options for hanging baskets in a window or even a large shower.


Ferns love humid environments similar to their natural rainforest habitat. While ferns can be tricky to keep happy as houseplants, bathrooms provide the perfect amount of temperate moisture for them to thrive. Boston fern is a classic choice with long, fluffy fronds. Maidenhair ferns make a more delicate choice with their tiny, rounded leaves. As long as you keep the soil moist and provide adequate light, a fern will thrive as a bathroom plant.

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